Coming up in October…

Coming up in October…

A glance at October Events! ?

October holds a lot of excitement for TGS, which means more opportunity to get involved in our upcoming events and more chances to win! Plus, #Pinnacle2021 is FINALLY HERE! 

Pinnacle Awaits! ?

Join us October 8th – 10th at the Vancouver Convention Centre to enjoy some of your favorite games! Click here for more details including prize pools, tickets and more!

Behold, Calamity Approaches! 

Get involved with the Frame Advantage featuring Shadowverse NOW! Registration now open,


?️ October 2-3
? $2000 CAD
?️ TGS.GG/Clearly-MTG



An Intergalactic Conflict comes to an End! ??

Join the action with Star Wars: Squadrons the Calrissian Cup the weekend of October 2 & 3!


Star Wars: Squadrons
?️ October 2-3
? $5000 CAD




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