TGS Introduces Online Circuits

TGS Introduces Online Circuits

Online Circuits

We will be moving all of our circuits online. Anyone who is currently residing in Canada can compete! To join, make sure to do the following:

  1. Go to our Events Page and purchase the ticket for the appropriate game and weekly date (ie: March 25 – Rocket League Solo Entry)
  2. Join the TGS Discord and be available throughout the event. The event start times depend on each game, and you will need to be present at least 15 minutes before the official start of the event.
  3. If needed, make sure you are able to share your screen using the Discord Go Live feature.

Interested to learn more about the circuits? Check out our event pages by clicking the images below!

In addition to circuits, we are also running free in-houses and community events for a variety of games! For more information about what events we are planning to run, make sure to join our Discord server.

Rocket League

We’ll be running Circuit tournaments on Wednesdays throughout March and April starting at 6:30 PM! Teams will be formed on the day (we’ll do our best to make balanced teams!) and format will be determined based on final attendance numbers.

The top eight players will be competing in a duos format. The finalized format of the event will be available soon, so keep an eye out for more updates! In the meantime, practice your duos with our 2v2 weekly format!

? March 25th: 2v2 Draft Tournament
? April 1st: 2v2 Draft Tournament
? April 8th: 2v2 Draft Tournament
? April 15th: 2v2 Draft Tournament
? April 22nd: 2v2 Draft Tournament
? April 29th: 2v2 Draft Tournament


Each Friday features two tournaments that will be starting at 6 and 8 PM PST, giving players two chances to compete for cash prizes as well as earn circuit points towards our Spring Circuit invitational. Each tournament in the Spring Circuit features a $125 prize pool. At the end of the circuit, the top players will be invited to compete in an Invitational tournament to compete for some exclusive prizes!

Weekly formats will be decided a few days before the event. Make sure to join the Discord server for updates on the upcoming tournaments!

? March 27th
? April 3rd
? April 10th
? April 17th
? April 24th


Teamfight Tactics

TGS online tournaments take place on our Discord channel under the TFT tag. Each weekly will start at 6:30 PM. There will be three rounds of swiss games followed by a fourth game for the top eight players.

Prizes will be determined based on standings after the fourth game. Each tournament will feature a $100 prize pool paid out to the top three finishers. The top eight finishers will compete in an invitational tournament, date TBA!

Can’t get enough TFT action? Check out UBCEA’s weekly in-houses, hosted through their Discord server!

? Every Thursday (UBCEA): Check-in start: 6:00 PM / Event Start: 7:00 PM
? Every Sunday (TGS): Check-in start: 6:00 PM / Event Starts: 6:30 PM


That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for April 1st for our next set of TGS Patch Notes! Do you have a suggestion for what games you want to see at The Gaming Stadium? Reach out to us via Twitter and Instagram, or join our Discord server!