TGS Patch 1.7: New Year, New TGS

TGS Patch 1.7: New Year, New TGS

“Welcome back to the TGS Patch Notes!

We’ve had a fantastic first year, and we’re thankful for the community that has supported us since our grand opening in June. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support.  Throughout the last few months, we have experienced what it means to be the first esports stadium in Canada. We have tested what has and hasn’t worked since our opening, and all throughout our journey we’ve been floored by everyone’s continued support.  For 2020, we are determined to give you a bigger and better TGS!

This month, we’ll be exploring new game titles, and increasing the caliber of our weekend tournaments. Keep your eyes peeled for the next few months of updates– we’re working on a lot of cool and exciting stuff!”


 Cheyanna “Muse” Phelps

New Weeklies

We’re starting off the new year with a few brand-new additions to the Weeklies roster. Here’s a list of the feature games we’ll be featuring:


One of our new weeklies, Battle Royale Fridays, will feature games like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, and more! Come play your favorite BR game and meet other members of the community. If there’s enough people at the drop-ins, we may even run some mini-tournaments for some sweet prizes…

We will continue to be hosting monthly circuits for Fortnite and Teamfight Tactics. If you’re interested in the monthly schedules for these events, click on the hyperlinks for each of the games!

Upcoming Tournaments

JAN 4: MTG Arena Open

Ring in the New Year with TGS and give this Standard format a proper sendoff before the release of Theros: Beyond Death. We will be playing a number of swiss rounds depending on attendance followed by a single elimination Top 8. Registration is open, to make sure to reserve a spot today!




JAN 5: Rocket League Open

Are you ready for the first TGS Rocket League Open of 2020? We’re trying something new this year and making this tournament a 3v3 Captain’s Draft! Come and celebrate the new year with the Rocket League community and take your shot at the $150 prize pool! To guarantee that we have the best tournament for you, pre-register with your team here!



JAN 11: Call of Duty Open

The new year is here and we at TGS want to kick it off right with our FIRST 5v5 Call of Duty Open event, a Search and Destroy format, featuring a $500 prize pool. Group stage based on number of teams signed up into a top 4 single elimination bracket, with a 3rd place match. Like all our CoD events we allow players to play on their choice of platform (PS4, Xbox or PC). Space is limited to 10 teams, to make sure to reserve a spot for you and your teammates.



JAN 12: Halo Open

Join us for our very FIRST TGS Open Featuring Halo! Featuring a $300 prize pool, teams of 4 will battle it out over three different game modes and make their mark on the local scene! The tournament will begin at 1PM and will feature a round-robin into playoffs bracket. Matches will be Bo3 with Finals being Bo5. All matches will consist of a game of Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill. Register for the event back clicking here!



JAN 18: League of Legends Open

We’re excited to ring in the new year with a pre-made teams League of Legends tournament! No sweat, you don’t need to be a Challenger to participate – everyone is encouraged to come out and play. All matches to be played on Summoner’s Rift using tournament codes generated on Battlefy. Register with your stack or as a free agent to compete for fun, glory, bragging rights, and prizes!



JAN 19: Rainbow Six: Siege Open

Join us this new year for our first Rainbow Six: Siege Open of 2020! We’re kicking things off with a $1,000 prize pool! Competition will be fierce, so grab your team and get to training–you don’t want to miss out! Matches will be Bo1 with a tentative Bo3 Finals. Secure your spot for this $1,000 prize pool by registering for the Open series here!



JAN 25: Fortnite Open

What better way to celebrate the Lunar New Year than with a mixed format duos Fortnite tournament? Grab a partner and battle your way through Duos Zone Wars and Box Fights to earn yourselves a share of the cash prize pool. Since it is the Lunar New Year, there’s also Red Envelopes up for grabs with a surprise inside! Register your duo today!



Social Events

Jan. 11: Break the Ice: Back-to-School Social

It may be cold and school may be back in session, but that isn’t stopping us from holding a collegiate social to kick off the new semester with some fun! Whether you’re a first year gaming enthusiast, an experienced collegiate esports competitor or a school gaming club exec, this is the perfect opportunity to come out and meet and connect with the local collegiate gaming community! The event is FREE, so make sure to RSVP your ticket here to skip the line!

Alcohol will be available for purchase for anyone 19+ (bring 2 pieces of valid ID) as well as regular drinks and snacks.

JAN 25: Barcraft

It may be a new year but some things never change, like Barcraft! The Gaming Stadium is always happy to bring the Starcraft community a social night of gaming along-side tournaments!  We’ll be hosting two separate Starcraft 2 tournaments. One will be a beginner-friendly event that is free to participate in with general admission. Our second will be our main event and is targeted towards more competitive players. We’re also introducing a fun Starcraft trivia portion with prizes! Are you ready for the action? Make sure to register now!