TGS x Variety 36-Hour Gameathon Recap

TGS x Variety 36-Hour Gameathon Recap

On November 22nd and 23rd, The Gaming Stadium teamed up with Variety Children’s Charity once again with their first ever 36-Hour Gameathon! Variety provides direct help to children in B.C. with funding for medical care and services, mobility equipment, specialized therapies, and education.

Throughout the 36-hours, guests came to the stadium to enjoy some open-play in our LAN area and the live recording of our featured stream. With everyone’s help, we managed to raise a total of $5029.65 towards the cause.

The Streamers

We were fortunate to have a handful of local streamers come out to support us for the gameathon. Both our staff and our guests populated the stream for the entirety of the 36 hours. Each guest introduced their own donation incentives to help support the cause.

TheRealGuyJudge opened the stream with game play from The Long Dark. He and his fan base, the Beavers, came together and raised an impressive $440.69 towards the total goal.

TheBritishAndy brought Spyro Reignited to the big screen during his block of a stream– but with a fun twist! He introduced a few incentives that would be active throughout his speed run, such as running the game blindfolded and playing with one hand behind his back.

ArtrenTV brought the heat with his stream block as he went toe-to-toe with Paqui’s Ghost Pepper chips. With every $10 donation, he would eat one of these ghost pepper chips; $458.01 later, he successfully emptied the entire bag of chips (and downed a few shots of pickle juice) with the help of his friend and fellow streamer Malkarii.

Mixer partner Asikaa boarded the Battle Bus and dropped into the gameathon with style with Fortnite. She was joined by ArtrenTV and local streamer KingBL for the second half of their stream as they queued up into a Squads match.

Finally, JoMoSenpai brought together viewers at home and in the audience to join him in a communal game of Jackbox TV. His relaxed and causal community game play was a perfect way to wrap up the 36-hour challenge.

We want to thank everyone who donated to the gameathon, and to our wonderful guest streamers for collaborating with us. We at The Gaming Stadium look forward to doing more projects with Variety in the near future!

If you are interested in learning more about Variety, or want to support children with special needs in British Columbia, visit their website here.