TGS Patch 1.4: October Upcoming Events

TGS Patch 1.4: October Upcoming Events

Welcome to the TGS Patch Notes, where we provide you with the breakdown of all the changes coming to the Stadium each month. It’s back to school time at The Gaming Stadium! We have a bunch of new programs we are eager to share, as well as some exciting news about our current initiatives.

After-School Programs

Every weekday starting in October, TGS will be open at 3:00PM for an after-school drop-in program. The price is $15 per drop-in, and will be conducted on a first come, first serve system. Around 6PM when the normal tournaments would begin, those who are participating in the tournaments will get computer priority.

We will be offering monthly memberships for this program at $150, as well as 4-day drop-in passes for $40 (valid for 30 days). Drop-in participation also comes with a 50% discount on the individual entry fee of any tournaments happening that day.

More info and registration page here

October Weeklies

The Gaming Stadium will be seeing some new game titles in our weekly drop-ins! The schedule for the October weeklies are as follows:

  • Tuesdays: Dota 2
  • Wednesdays, Minecraft, Overwatch, TFT (Circuit)
  • Thursdays: CS:GO
  • Fridays: Fortnite (Circuit)
  • Sundays: CS:GO*, TFT (Circuit)

In addition to the drop-ins that are offered, there will also be smaller tournaments held throughout the night! To find out more information about these weeklies, visit the Events section of our website, or go to our Facebook to see the break-down of the event.

*Note: Because the CS:GO Open tournament will be held on October 19th, there will be no CS:GO weeklies on October 20th.


As seen above, a few of our game titles are classified as “circuits.” What does this mean? 

The September Series featuring Fortnite was the first real attempt to run a more organized long-standing tournament. Now, using the feedback we’ve received from the players as well as the team’s personal observations, we’re back with an all-new circuit format. Fortnite will continue to be held as a monthly circuits, and Teamfight Tactics will join as our second circuit. 

Every circuit event (eight Fortnite weeklies, and nine TFT weeklies) will award Leaderboard Points. For Fortnite, there will be two different tournament formats: one Zone Wars and one of either solos, duos, or duo squads. The TFT circuits will consist of a four-round format, with the top eight players receiving Leaderboard Points.

The previous leaderboard prize at the end of September awarded a cash bonus to the top finishers. Now, at the end of the month, the top 16 players for Fortnite and the top 8 players for TFT will each be invited to an exclusive invitational tournament for their game. During the invitational, players will be playing against top players multiple times to solidify their dominance. The goal of the circuits isn’t to just reward those who come to the events the most, but to highlight those who come out regularly and show excellence in their game. 


So let’s say you prove that you are the best of the best in either Fortnite or Teamfight Tactics. What will the prizing look like for the invitational? Your performance and success in the TGS Invitational tournament will be part of TGS’s aesthetic. The winner will receive two different prizes: a trophy on display in the Stadium with your name on it, as well as a custom TGS jersey! The jersey will contain your in-game name, the game you’re competing in, and the month. Second place will receive a take home trophy, and third place will receive a plaque. The main focus of our TGS Invitationals is to crown a champion!

Spooky Movie Fridays

Are you ready to celebrate the spookiest of months? At TGS, we are hosting spooky movies every Friday for the month of October. All of the movies offered are family friendly, with the highest rating being a 14A. The schedule for the movies are as follows:

  • Oct. 4: Corpse Bride and The Conjuring
  • Oct. 11: A Quiet Place and The Babadook
  • Oct. 18: Scooby Doo 1 and Scooby Doo 2
  • Oct. 25: Coraline and Pan’s Labyrinth

Tickets will be $10 per person, and each ticket comes with a drink and popcorn for both movies. Stay tuned for a potential 19+ movie night happening at the beginning of November to wrap up the spooky season!

Upcoming Events

In addition to all of our new additions to the roster, we have many exciting one-off events and tournaments happening in October!


TGS Sports Series: NHL Season Opener

Join us at TGS to bridge the gap between esports and real sports and celebrate the NHL season opener for our hometown Vancouver Canucks! We’ll be streaming the game live on our big screen.Consoles will be provided to get you into the game with the newly released EA Sports NHL 20. Event entrance is FREE, so make sure to reserve your tickets here!


Starcraft 2 Open Series

We’ll be hosting an Open tournament with $1500 in prizes, in addition, we’ve also recruited Starcraft talent Axeltoss to be at The Gaming Stadium casting the event all day! Whether you’re a casual player or a Grand Master this will be the premier Starcraft local of the year so don’t miss out and sign up here!


Rocket League Open Series

Our 3v3 Rocket League Open Series Tournament is back and better than ever! Couldn’t get enough of Axeltoss in Starcraft? Neither could we! We are super excited have him casting this event as well- so grab some friends and come compete for bragging rights and a shot at our biggest Rocket League prize pool yet!


League of Legends Open Series

Worlds is one month away, so join us in the heart of competition for the TGS Open Series Featuring League of Legends – October Captain’s Draft! Family, friends, and fans are all welcome to play, watch, and be part of this amazing one-day event with a $1,000 prize pool. There will be many matches played on the rift for the ultimate glory.

CS:GO Open Series

TGS is hosting an October Open for CS:GO this Saturday! This up-to 8 team CS:GO LAN tournament will feature a $1,000 cash prize pool and plenty of local talent. Time to show everyone what you’re made of. Make sure to register for the open series here!



This is just a taste of all the exciting events we will be hosting this month! Check out our events calendar for a full list of upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you at the Stadium this October!

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